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When a drain clogs, grabbing the pipe cleaner seems like a logical decision. However, most household drain cleaners can be unsafe for plumbing fixtures. Many cleaners have harsh chemicals that can damage your pipes.

One of the main reasons to avoid drain cleaners is because of their high toxicity. Because pipe cleaners are highly toxic, they can be a health hazard to humans. When used, pipe cleaners emit hazardous fumes. These fumes can linger in the home for hours and irritate the lungs, nose, eyes, skin, and throat. Both humans and pets are susceptible to the hazardous fumes.

Drain cleaners are not only damaging to people. They can also be damaging to your pipes. Most household cleaners contain hydrochloric acid. The hydrochloric acid is so powerful that it can eat away at plumbing fixtures. When used, drain cleaners will begin to create holes in your pipes. The damage caused by hydrochloric acid will be much more damaging than a clog. Eventually, the pipes will need replacing which will prove to be costly.

Drain cleaners also hurt the environment. The chemical residue from the cleaners can wind up in landfills and the water supply system. These toxins go into the soil and find their way into bodies of water. Eventually, the contaminated water will find its way back to us in the form of drinking water.
Additionally, drain cleaners can cause damage to your septic system. Septic tanks need natural bacteria to break down water. Cleaners with toxic chemicals will kill the natural bacteria which will make the septic tank less effective.

A clogged drain is a nuisance and something that homeowners will want to fix quickly. However, think twice before you reach for a pipe cleaner loaded with harsh chemicals. The best remedy for a clogged drain is a professional. A plumber NYC will be able to fix the drain without causing further damage to your plumbing system and septic tank.

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