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Why Would Toilet Water Suddenly look Brown?

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After flushing a toilet, it is important to notice the color of the water in the bowl. The water should be clear, as if water was poured from your sink, a hose, or the shower. Clear water lets you know that the plumbing system is working appropriately. So, what does it mean when toilet water suddenly looks brown? Simply put, it is the precursor for a small or big plumbing problem. At times, it may simply indicate that a problem has already presented itself. If brown water is spotted in a toilet, it is important to identify the problem and fix it. It is important to do this quickly because the problem will only get worse. Calling a plumber in NYC will help to ensure that problems don't get worse.

Why is my water brown?

The color you might see rangers from brown to reddish brown, and this is a result of a mineral build up (different minerals cause different colors). When magnesium and/or calcium mix with oxygen, it turns water brown. If manganese is present water could turn very dark brown (almost black). Minerals are present in hard water, so those who have colored water usually have hard water. The high amount of minerals in this water (why it is called hard water) gets stuck in pipes and ultimately it slowly clogs passageways. A plumber in New York City can help to clear pipes that have mineral clogs. Plumbers can also help to soften water, which will prevent further discoloration.

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