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Why is there Condensation on my Toilet Tank?

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Have you ever noticed a sheer layer of condensation coating the outside of your toilet? Although this isn’t a structural problem, a toilet that consistently accumulates water wreaks havoc on specific flooring, sub flooring, and floor framing.

Excessive moisture causes bathroom flooring to remain damp for long periods of time, which eventually corrodes and weakens the strength of the material.  To prevent this from happening, there are many experts in Plumbing in NYC that can alleviate this situation.

An expert in Plumbing will assess what is wrong with the toilet, and then will make appropriate alterations to your bathroom. The problem may be fixed with a simple adjustment of the room’s humidity. By installing a dehumidifier, in an inconspicuous area of the bathroom, you can significantly decrease the level humidity in the bathroom, which would lower the amount of condensation on your toilet.

Another problem that causes condensation is a faulty flapper. If the flapper is broken, the toilet will persistently run and make the tank more susceptible to sweating. The tank will be consistently trying to refill itself with cool water, which would lower the temperature of the toilet and cause condensation. If the flapper needs to be replaced, an expert on plumbing in NYC can cheaply assist you.

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