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Why is the Water in my Toilet Low?

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There is a designated amount of water that should fill up a toilet bowl after a flush. If you notice that the levels of water in your toilet bowl are low, it is the sign of a larger problem. Water fills to the proper amount, but slowly it drains from the bowl. There are several reasons as to why this could be happening. It is important to reach out for plumbing in NYC, New York, so that the problem can be fixed quickly.

The most common cause of this problem is the air vent. The purpose of an air vent in a toilet is to allow water to smoothly flow. Vents are normally tiny, grey pipes that lead up through the roof. If the vent is clogged, the waste pipe begins to suck water from the bowl to help with flow.

Another issue could be the placement of wastewater pipes. These pipes need to be pitched away from a toilet in order for them to work properly. If the pipe is pitched the wrong way then water levels will be affected.

Cracks, both small and large, also have a big role reducing water levels in toilets.

It is important to notice water levels in a toilet, so that problems can be fixed. Reach out for plumbing in NYC, New York.

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