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Why is my Sink Pressure Low?

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No matter if you rent an apartment or own a home in NYC, at some point you are likely to experience low water pressure. Low water pressure is a problem that almost every homeowner or resident has to deal with in their lives. This problem makes simple activities such as showering, cleaning dishes, or hand washing close, more arduous and frustrating. There are many reasons why water pressure acts up, and most of the time it is wise to contact a plumber in NYC for assistance.

Low pressure in a sink is a clear indication that there may be a buildup or blockage in the pipes. Debris like sand, dirt, or food waste accumulates over time and inhibits water from adequately coming out of the pipes. The larger the blockage, the lower your water pressure will be when it comes out of the sink.

To fix this problem, a plumber in NYC must inspect the line to see where the blockage is, how severe it has become, and then remove it from the system by using professional tools. If the problem is a leaky pipe due to corrosion, the plumber in NYC will have to replace the pipe entirely with a new piece of metal.

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