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What to expect during professional Pipe Insulation

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Winters in NYC are uncomfortably cold. Going outside on blistery winter day is often considered a chore. Fortunately, the average New Yorker can step inside a warm building to escape the cold. For plumbing systems, pipes cannot step inside to become warm, and are subject to the freezing winter temperatures around the clock. Insulating hot water pipes is the perfect way to limit heat loss and increase home water temperatures. By shielding your pipes from the cold you will dramatically increase the longevity of your plumbing system and save on energy costs. If you decide to insulate your hot water pipes, it is best to pay a professional for the most effective installation.

During professional pipe insulation, a plumber in NYC with consults with you, and tells you about the process. First, insulation materials will need to be selected, how much you will need, and the size of the pipe. There are various insulation options to choose from. The most common variations are semi-split, tubular sleeve insulation, fiberglass, and foil. 

When the plumber has an adequate amount of material, they will start the installation process. Most pipes are located in confined spaces, so every plumber will wear protective headgear, gloves, and clothing. The gloves should be the perfect medium between bulky and thin. Most plumbers will opt to wear eye protection and breathing masks.

The plumber will begin the process by measuring the pipes in the system, starting from the water heater; the plumber will measure the lengths of the pipe in order to determine the lengths of insulation material needed.

Next, the plumber will cut the insulation material to match the length of the pipe and place the insulation sleeve so that the seam is face down on the pipe.  Lastly, the plumber will secure the insulation sleeve with tape, wire, or a clamp, every two feet along the pipe.

Checking and repairing pipe insulation will save you money on energy costs and expensive emergency repairs. Any money that you spend on insulation will reduce the amount of heat loss and energy costs.  

If you are interested in learning more about pipe insulation, contact a professional plumber in NYC for more information. Plumbers in NYC are used to all sorts of weather conditions and are extremely well versed experts on pipe insulation.  If you are looking to save money and protect your plumbing system, hire a plumber in NYC!

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