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In 2015, people are trying to do all they can to make their homes greener. This includes buying organic foods, energy conserving appliances, and sustainably made products. There are so many things to do that will help lower bills, save the environment, and keep your body healthy. What most people overlook is that it is possible to go green with your plumbing. If you have the time and the money for appliances and renovations you can make your home's plumber much more environmentally friendly. Below will be a list of different things that you can do to help make a slow transition to a green bathroom.

The first thing to consider is the type of pipes you have in your home. The two main types of home pipes are PEX and copper. PEX pipes, although they don't last as long as copper, are made in a more environmentally friendly way. They help to reduce water flow without reducing power of water. This allows for substantially less water waste.

Speaking of water waste, flushing toilets waste the most water out of any plumbing appliance. This included baths, showers, and sinks. You can decide to flush your toilet less, but that leads to smells in the home. It could even be unhealthy for people living in the home. You can invest in a low flush toilet. These toilets have the same power; however, they do not use nearly as much water. These toilets might cost more money upfront, but they will lower your monthly water bill. Investing in a low flush toilet is one of your best options when going green.

Another thing that will lower your water bill is tapping into the earth's energy. This means using geothermal heating to heat water in your home. This will be an expensive purchase/installation, but it will lower your heating bill to virtually zero.

If you want to do something small, you can buy rubber stoppers for all your faucets. These stoppers regulate water flow, without lowering water pressure. These are small and inexpensive items that could help to lower your bill. You can even do it without the help of a plumber.

Most of the green plumbing fixes will require the help of a plumber. This is the case if you want to make sure things are installed properly. Reach out for plumbing in NYC, New York, so that you can go green with your plumbing.

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