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The Benefits of Conserving Water

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So much fresh water is used on a daily basis that the total number is mind-boggling.  Most people have grown accustomed to easy access to seemingly endless supplies of water. Individuals do not usually think about the total number that they use in a given day. This includes all water used, meaning drinking, washing, watering plants, cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry. The United States Government Department of Interior has conducted a study on daily water use habits, and their findings are shocking. Hopefully, when people begin to understand the amount of water they waste, they will change their ways. It is all our jobs to conserve water.

Any time you take a bath, you are using roughly 36 gallons of water. Of course, there is nothing like a warm bath, but if you are accustomed to them frequently maybe you can cut back. Try replacing baths with showers. You can even do this for younger child around the age of 3 or 4.

Even showers can be wasteful, and this is especially the case for older showers. An older shower can use up to 5-6 gallons a minute. If this is the case, then a 7-minute shower can waste as much as bath.  Consider making renovations to an older shower to make it more water-efficient.
If your shower is old, then chances are the faucets aren't new either. An older faucet can waste as much as 2 gallons per minutes. There are benefits in renovating and replacing faucets.

There is a difference between regular-toilets and low-flush toilets, and the difference is 3 gallons or 1.6 gallons. Considering the amount of times we use a bathroom in a day, the difference can be substantial.

Depending on how you wash your dishes, either by hand, with a new machine, or an old machine, you can be using anywhere from 8 to 27 gallons. There are ways to get the numbers to the lower side, and that usually includes washing dishes by hand.

Old models of washing machines will use roughly 40 gallons, where as a newer model will only use 25. Still, a lot of water is used, and you will want to consider reusing more of your clothing.

Any plumbing issues also wastes water. Leaky faucets can waste between a quart and a gallon overnight, depending on how bad the drip is. Calling for plumbing in NYC, New York can help to solve these problems.

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