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Steps to Prevent Frozen Pipes

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A cold New York City winter is detrimental to plumbing fixtures. There are many issues in the home that can arise if your area is experiencing a particularly harsh winter. One of the most typical winter problems is a frozen pipe. Frozen pipes are serious because they can burst and lead to costly damages to the home.

A burst pipe is something that no homeowner wants to experience. If one of your pipes bursts, contact a plumber NYC immediately. A plumber will repair the pipes and assist with any water damage that occurred.

Thankfully there are steps that homeowners can take to prevent their pipes from freezing. Below are the things every homeowner should do before winter hits:

  1. If you are out of the home for an extended period, prepare accordingly. Turn off the main shut-off valve to the home’s water supply. Stopping the water flow will prevent freezing.
  2. Disconnect any outdoor hoses and faucets before winter starts. Wrap the outdoor faucets with an insulating material.
  3. The furnace should never be turned off completely. If you are going to be away from home, turn down the temperature to about fifty degrees.
  4. Inspect your home before winter hits for any cracks and holes. Pay close attention to foundation near water pipes and outside walls. Seal any crevices with caulk to avoid freezing.
  5. If any of your sinks are located on exterior walls, keep the cabinet doors slightly open to prevent frozen pipes.
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