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Sometimes the plumbing in a home or office could be running smoothly while simultaneously making odd and scary noises. The noises that plumbing can make can range from nothing at all to a major problem, and so it is important to treat all cases as if they are severe. This means dealing with the problem as they rise. Don't wait and hope that the problem will fix itself: waiting usually makes the problem big and more expensive to fix. The noises that come from a faucet, whether it is in the kitchen, basement, or bathroom, are indicators of problems. Being able to distinguish between the different noises will allow you to be more knowledgeable when speaking to a plumber in NYC.

If you hear a screeching noise when you turn on a faucet to wash your hands or get a drink of water, most likely you have rubber stoppers that are old and hardened. When water rushes through the pipes, and it passes the broken rubber, it makes that noise. The fix is not hard or expensive, and it should silence your plumbing.

Sometimes pipes make clanking noises, and those scary noises make a person wonder if everything is okay with their drinking water. This problem could be with the main line plumbing of your system, but if the noise sounds like it is directly coming from the faucet then there could potentially be a crack. A plumber in NYC will be able to take the whole faucet apart, check for cracks, and reassemble it tightly. If there is a crack then the faucet, or part of the faucet, must be replaced. Either replacing the unit completely or making sure it is firmly affixed should fix the noise.
With time and use, the threads that hold the faucet handles can get worn. This will result in squeaky and difficult to turn handles/knobs.  Although this won't affect water pressure or water quality, it is still annoying to have to live/work with. A plumber will take the handles apart and coat the threads with plumbers grease. This usually makes the handles silent and easy to use.

Parting of having a well maintained bathroom means making sure that you fix any and all sounds that shouldn't be made by a faucet. Call a plumber in NYC and have them help you with your problem soon than later.

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