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Risks Associated with using Hard Water

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There are a lot of things to discuss when discussing hard water. There are conversations going on today about the different health risks that are associated with drinking hard water. There are arguments for its benefits as well as arguments claiming it is bad. Another big issues, an issue that has clearer answers, is the risks associated with hard water and plumbing.

Water that is taken from the ground has a high tendency to be hard water. This is because water is able to dissolve most things it comes in contact with. When water goes through different sediments it has the capacity to pick up different minerals, like calcium or magnesium. This is how water becomes hard, by picking up minerals. The minerals in the water can cause difficulty when cleaning and for the inside of your pipes.

It is harder to clean with hard water because it requires more soap and longer cleaning cycles. Soap that is used with hard water creates little lather, and this is one of the main reasons why cleaning is more difficult. This can lead to problems when cleaning the dishes you eat with.

Hard water can also have an adverse affect on a water heater. Scaling happens in these machines, and after a while the machines begin to act like insulators. This means that heating water will take longer and will also cost your more in energy bills. Some claim it can waste up to 30% more energy, although this number isn't agreed upon throughout the industry. While waiting for the heated water, people will run their faucets. This means that you waste water as well as energy.

Using hard water in your water heater will shorten the life span of the machine. This is the case with must appliances and hard water. Your dishwasher and your washing machines can fall victim to problems caused by hard water.

Your pipes don't like hard water because scaling makes it more difficult to push water through. After enough time, water pressure could drop from the narrowing of your pipes. Eventually this can lead to a total backup, which unfortunately could potentially lead to a bursting pipe.

Knowing the type of water that you are using can help to prevent these problems. When it comes to plumbing in NYC, water softening isn't an issue. Be smart and get your water treated sooner than later.

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