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As a homeowner, a burst pipe is something you never want to face. It can cause much damage to the home and is costly to repair. The best way to avoid a broken pipe is to take proper steps to prevent the pipe from bursting.

One way to prevent a pipe from breaking is to provide adequate protection. When the weather starts to get cooler, you should make sure that all outdoor spigots, pipes, and faucets are in an insulated dome. Placing the dome over all outdoor fixtures will ensure protection from the cold weather.   

Manipulating the air flow will help to prevent broken pipes. When pipes are near windows or an outside wall, they have a higher chance of freezing and bursting. Manipulate the airflow by directing the warm air towards the areas where these pipes are located. The cabinets under the kitchen and bathroom sink should be left open to allow proper airflow to the pipes.

If you notice any leaks in your pipes, electrical wiring, or dryer vents, lock in the leak immediately. If the leak is not locked in, then cold air could find its way into your home. Lock in the leak by sealing it with caulk or another type of insulation.

When it is freezing outside, you should allow the water in your plumbing fixtures to flow. Let a slow drip of water flow from your faucets to prevent them from freezing. The slow drip will relieve some of the pressure that builds up during the winter months.

Cranking up the heat is another way to prevent your pipes from breaking. The temperature in your home should never reach 32 degrees Fahrenheit. If it does, it can cause the water in the pipes to freeze up.

One more way you can prevent your pipes from breaking is by making sure you do not stuff your cabinets. Stuffing your kitchen or bathroom sink cabinets with toiletries, cleaning supplies, and other products can warp the pipes. Warping the pipes can eventually lead to cracks.
Even with proper prevention, a break to your pipes can occur. If this happens, contact a professional. A plumber NYC will be able to repair or replace the broken pipe.

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