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Many students in New York are faced with the question of what they will pursue after completing high school. The increase in prices for college have made it almost unaffordable for many people. Other students may feel that they are not ready or just not interested in spending 4 or more years in school.

There are lots of careers that are in demand in New York for students not interested in college.

  1. Plumbing in NYC is a career that will always stay around. Think about all the old plumbing that New Yorkers use on a daily basis. Office buildings, apartments buildings, large department stores, etc. all need plumbers in order to ensure that their spaces are safe and sanitary. Plumbers’ unions offer apprenticeship training programs for people interested in starting a new career. Apprenticeships allow plumbers in training to work alongside expert plumbers who can show them the ropes. Some programs even allow students to earn while they learn.
  2. Hairdressers in New York are always in demand. New York City is the center of fashion, music, theater, and television. Whether you have an opportunity to work with the stars, or with average people who want to enjoy a night out on the town, there will always be work to be found for hairdressers. Working in a hair salon requires that you attend cosmetology school which lasts for 6 months to a year. Once you complete your training, you take an exam to get your license before you can legally work in a salon.
  3. Insurance agents are in high demand in New York and other parts of the US. There is not an industry in the world that can operate without insurance. Becoming an insurance agent often requires becoming licensed. However there are some companies that hire agents, train them, then continue to work with them once they are licensed.

There are many careers for students who are either not ready for college, can’t afford it, or choose not to go. Plumbing in NYC, hairdressers, and insurance agents are all great careers that can get a student a great start in life. With a bit of planning, any high school student can graduate with plans that will prepare them for self sufficiency.

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