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There is a clear link between poor plumbing and pest infestations. You may have wondered why you consistently see spiders in bathrooms or mosquitos surrounding your home. The simple answer to this question is bad plumbing that results in an excess of warmth and dampness (the breeding ground for pests).

The plumbing problem that is most closely associated with the growth of pests is plumbing leaks. Pests need water, and so a leak provides a consistent source. If you notice small pools of water around plumbing pipes, take care of the issue before pests try to make your home their home. Look behind your sink, toilet, tub, and hard to see areas, so that you don't get surprised with a big problem.

Bugs thrive in water that is simply left behind after a bath or shower because of poor drainage. Making sure that water can easily and efficiently drain from tubs or sink basins will help reduce pests. Hiring a plumber NYC to clear clogged drains is your best option for getting rid of unwanted water.

Moisture in the air can also settle and cause pest problems. Make sure to run fans, keep windows/doors open, and to close shower curtains. If moister problems are bad, considered adding a dehumidifier in the room.

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