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Many people have heard the word mold and know its bad for human health, but usually these people don't know why it's bad and where it comes from. Simply put, mold is a type of fungus, which is different than bacteria. It can also be called eukaryotic microorganism, and it is made up of remnants of decomposed dead organic materials.

It is important to note that water is the main component of the growth of mold. You will not see mold growing in dry, desert like places. Mold can grow on different types of surfaces and finishes: this includes wood, paper, and stone. Individual strands of mold are much too small for the human eye; however, when they grow and cluster you begin to see black, blue, or green splotches. At this point you need to do something quickly because mold is not good to be around.

The exact numbers aren't clear, but most studies suggest that being around mold is bad. Different sources site different amounts of mold as well as different exposure length. People with different immune systems or allergies will all respond to mold differently: some worse than others.

Rather than waiting for mold to grow, you can do preemptive things to ensure you don't live with mold. First, you want to try and keep your home dry, meaning that you remove exes moister. One on the most common places homeowners sees mold is in their bathrooms. By taking a few extra steps when showering and shaving, you can prevent mold.

First, when done taking a hot shower, you will want to use a squeegee to remove all the extra water from the shower glass and mirror. You will also want to remove excessively damp/wet towels. It's not a good idea to just let them sit there. You may also want to consider the lengths of your showers as well as the heat. The more steam that is created, the wetter a bathroom gets. This can lead to mold on ceilings and on walls. Lastly, you will want to reach out for plumbing in NYC. This is only the case when you are dealing with clogged drains and leaky faucets. Both of these plumbing issues cause excess moister in rooms, and usually these problems do not just fix themselves.

Understanding how much moister is in your house will help you to identify where mold might grow or where it might be already growing. deal with mold now before it comes a serious issue.

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