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In NYC, we often take for granted the luxury of hot water until its gone.  Cold showers, faulty heaters, and other miserable experiences are all the result of faulty hot water heaters. If your hot water heater isn’t working, it is a precise indication that there is a problem with your hot water heater that needs to be addressed.

Like all man made machines, nothing last forever. The standard hot water heater has a lifetime that lasts up to a decade, before it needs to be replaced.  If you have an aging water heater, and your faucets and taps are running cold. It might be time to replace the appliance all together.

If the problem isn’t the water heater, it may be an issue with the thermostat. In the colder months, thermostats have to be adjusted to make up for the temperatures outside and the subsequent demand for more hot water.  Simply adjust the dial or setting on the water heater and you should experience an increase in water temperature throughout your home.

No matter the problem, you should always contact a plumber in NYC for professional assistance. Trying to solve plumbing issues on your own could lead to further damage.

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