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Sadly, faucets are not everlasting. Sinks in the bathroom and kitchen are such a staple that we almost forget that they are there. However, they are there, and they need to be properly maintained to last as long as they possibly can.

With time, your faucet will accumulate lime and mineral deposits. These deposits are usually formed from hard water and can wreak havoc on your plumbing fixtures and you. Deposits in your faucet can make you feel itchy and cause dry skin. Lime and mineral deposits will create an unappealing chalky white substance on your fixtures.           

Getting rid of the chalky white substance left behind is not easy. You can try home remedies, such as distilled white vinegar and citrus juice.

Before using white vinegar, wipe down the surface with a bit of cool water and soap. Scrub as much of the mineral stains as possible with the soapy water. After doing this, spray the surface with a generous amount of vinegar and wait about fifteen minutes. Using a damp cloth, wipe off the excess vinegar.

Citrus juice is an excellent alternative to regular cleaning products. Simply scrub the faucet with an acidic juice to clean away deposits. In severe cases, use a rough sponge to wash away the minerals.

Vinegar and citrus juice are great cleaning products. However, they do not always work. If you are unable to remove the lime and mineral deposits despite trying everything, consider replacing your faucet. With time, some deposits will simply be too excessive to remove.

When replacing your old faucet, always contact a professional. To ensure proper installation of the new faucet, hire a plumber in NYC.

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