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For most people, proper garbage disposal care is not common knowledge. We’ve found that a good amount of individuals have never learned how to take care of them. To keep a garbage disposal in good working order, take a look below at some tips on taking care of garbage disposals.

First, you must learn what not to put in your garbage disposal. Things like jewelry, cigarettes, fruit pits, large seeds, whole fruits, hard flower stems, nut shells, seafood shells, and coffee ground filters can cause a lot of trouble. A good rule of thumb is to avoid putting anything down your disposal that you wouldn’t put in a blender. Another key thing to avoid is any fibrous material. Things like corn husks, artichoke leaves, celery sticks, banana peels, and onion peels can potentially damage your motor. Oil and grease can also be extremely harmful to the motor. It’s best to keep those away from a disposal. It may seem obvious to keep your utensils out of the disposal, but now and then you can make a mistake, and those can cause significant problems. Lastly, the best way to run the disposal is to turn the water on first and continue to run it until you shut the disposal off.

If you have a clogged or malfunctioning disposal, call a plumber NYC for help.

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